looking for a webdesigner that also helps you discover your brand identity, combined with the full package of graphic needs?


stand out designs!

a good brand needs consistency, a recognizable identity and continuity across all platforms and within the graphic design. To get there, I help you find your identity, get the graphic design for your needed products ready and design (and develop) your website.


let’s get the party started

are you curious on how the process is going from start to finish (and beyond), how I get to a final product that is just what you were looking for? To get this dream brand and/or website I am following some logic steps, I am happy to show you…


do we fit?

although I am someone who can fall in love with anything, and I have a very versatile design approach, you may be interested in what styles I love and work with. Just to see if we have a match and to make sure you would like to work with me.

hi, I'm Olga

I create websites and graphic products for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to grow their business.

I am an easygoing person who loves the little things and a job well done. I have a curious mind and I am always willing to learn new techniques and trends, which made me found my passion for web and graphic design. I have spent the last few years helping entrepreneurs and small brands with the design of their websites.

I guess it’s time to help you and accompany you with the process of designing the website and brand identity that you need for your business.

just some inspiration

  • Herb Planter Ideas - Healthy is one of the ways of life substantial for our life. Believe it or not, it does exist during every era. Nowadays, it is not easy to live healthy as the way it is. In that, lifestyle is no back to nature anymore. Industrial sectors change the way people adopt in their behaviors. Therefore, realizing and responding to this phenomenon is necessary. One thing that could do is designing indoor herb garden ideas. Some people can start from now and their house. Planting her
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