There is a lot to consider when designing a website or a brand. At Studio Tulips I can help you from start to finish, from determining your brand identity to designing and developing your actual website.


A website is your online business card. It gives a professional look and should represent your brand so it makes your clients come back.

Do you already have a brand identity then let’s start now! Do you still need to get your colors, typography and overall feeling of your brand then let me help you to find your brand identity to give your business the attention it deserves!

logo design

When you are starting a business you need a logo that expresses your brand and personality so your clients understand your brand and will remember you. Your logo is the appearance and identity you want to communicate to your clients.

brand identity

To create consistency in your brand, it is advisable to create a brand identity. This means you have a clear image to the outside world. A brand identity includes a unique color palette, typography combination and eventually patterns.

brand guideline

To get all your information of your brand identity nicely organized in one neat place I will help you to create a brand guideline. This pulls together all of your brand identity pieces in one single document. Whenever you need to create something new just consult this documentation, it will help you save time and headaches, and makes your brand more professional. It’s also ideal as a guideline for the design of you website and other future graphic products.

other graphic design

Of course to make your business a whole I am here to help you with any other graphic products a new brand or a rebranding needs. You may think about products like flyers, a business card, a menu for a restaurant or a pricing list of your services. Make sure your brand is consistent and you’re standing out!