Here I briefly describe what the steps look like if you have a website made by me. That is good to know before starting, don’t you think?

Order your Design

Choose the layout that you believe fits your business best. Eventually you can add extra modules to make your site even more professional.

What I need from you

After you have placed your order I will send you an email with instructions that helps you to collect all the files I need from you, to fill your website with your content.

I start the setup

While you are collecting your documents and are writing the texts I requested, I will set up the structure of your chosen layout.

the content

When you collected the necessary files you send them to me. Either by email or by wetransfer. As soon as I have received everything, I start with the personal touch of your website.


It’s time to see the result. We will make some finishing touches and then it will be ready to be shown to the rest of the world! Congratulations, you’re online!


After I have delivered your website to you, you will have one month of support. In that way you have time to get to know your website.